GreenPrint Sustainable is an organization with a built-in sustainability certification program for live events and music festivals. 


We help others create processes specific to each event to become more sustainable, while certifying these events once our requirements have been met or exceeded.  

GreenPrint offers a blueprint of how to minimize an event footprint.
​                                              ~Mother Earth

By being GreenPrint certified, it shows the greater power of your live event and commitment to creating a higher standard by setting into motion a path of sustainability which encourages others to take action and responsibility towards creating a healthier planet.

GreenPrint Sustainable works alongside festival and event organizers, their partners, sponsors, vendors, and communities to implement a sustainability plan. It is a certification checklist of Do's and Don'ts for limiting waste, what to do with waste once it's created (recycling, compost programs, upcycling), manage and execute carbon offset programs, and educates festivals on ways of reducing environmental and community impacts overall that will not only save money, minimize the footprint of live events, but increase profits from public good.